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Cappella Conventi

Chamber music ensemble, historically informed

The CAPPELLA CONVENTI ensemble was created in October 2021 in Mons at the instigation of violinist Gleb Chanyshev-Gladkov, winner of several international competitions and public competitions for the 2021-2022 academic year of ARTS² (Royal Conservatory of Mons) . The basic formation is composed by Gleb Gladkov (first violin and direction), Rinat Ilyasov (second violin), Alexander Pavlyuchenkov (cello) and Jonathan-Jefferson Bridoux (harpsichord and organ). Currently, their favorite repertoire is the trio sonata (sonata da chiesa and sonata da camera). Depending on their various concert projects (concert, cantatas, motets, etc.), the ensemble regularly invites other instrumentalists and solo singers.


Since September 2022, a vocal ensemble of a dozen singers has been added to the ensemble, in order to approach a broader repertoire: cantatas, motets, magnificats...


Cappella Conventi literally means “the chapel of the convent”. It is initially a nod to the Chapel of the Royal Conservatory of Mons (ARTS²), former Convent of the Daughters of Notre-Dame, whose Baroque chapel was built in 1650. It is in this chapel that the ensemble played its first concert. Small in size, the chapels have acoustics that are often ideal and inspiring for Baroque music...the ensemble is particularly fond of them.


A Chapel also refers to a group of instrumentalists and singers attached to a particular chapel: it can be pontifical, royal, princely, ducal, hospital, scholastic...


The etymology of the word “convent” dates back to the 11th century: convent is synonymous with “company”, borrowed from the ecclesiastical Latin conventum, “assembly, meeting” and from convene, “to bring together" Isn't music a pretext for sharing and beautiful encounters?

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